Use the space of your Synology NAS with Proxmox over NFS share.

Lets first prepare your Synology NAS.

  1. Go to Control Panel and open File Services and select NFS and enable it Maximum NFS protocol choose V4.1 it is compatible with al the previous ones.
  1. Again in Control Panel choose Shared Folder and Create and in the dropdown list choose share Folder Name it and click >>>> Next
  1. Dont use Encryption >>> Next for advanced setting fill it in like you want it is not important. >>>> Next and again Next to confirm.
  2. Next Configure the user permissions and >>>> Apply
  1. Then go back to your proxmox shared folder click Edit >>>> NFS Permissions fill in the IP of the proxmox server or us the /24 so all server in your local network can use it. >>>> Save >>>> Save
  1. After you are finished that’s it for the Synology (Xpenology) site we can now open our Proxmox Server.

Add the New Synology share to your Proxmox

  1. Go to your proxmox server and click Datacenter in the Left pane and click storage and add >>>> NFS.
  1. Choose the ID you want to use the IP adress of your Synology (Xpenology) NAS and the Shared folder for content i propose you select everything Proxmox will make a separate directory automatically be sure the Enable checkbox is checked and click >>>> Add
  1. When you click add it will take some seconds before your new drive is showing and you can use it for making backups and store allot more.

Thats it

I hope you like this little tutorial and as always if you have mor questions just mail me at RikkieBKK

Don’t forget the coffee thanks in advance.