Download ARPL xpenology in 1 file add 1-4 disk later.

This file is the xpenology 920+ version you can add a maximum of 4 disk

What you need:

A up to date proxmox installation
a SMB share on your windows or linux pc connected with proxmox
Read here how to make one and connect to proxmox.

Lest get started:

Download the file from the hotstuff fileserver in to your SMB share of your pc.
User: Password: 151001

Restore the image backup to your proxmox machine by going in to your sm share in proxmox and choose restore and select the image file you downloaded from hotstuff.
Set the VM: and select Unique the other parameters you can always change later.
Restore and wait until the image is showing up in the left window and the TASK is OK

Select your Xpenology VM and and select hardware and select Hard Disk.
In The Add Hardisk Box be sure you selct SATA 1 NOT ZERO for the next one sata2 sata 3 and sata 4 if you want to use 4 disk.

Select the machine open your console and start the VM keep looking the startup and remember the IP address of your Xpenology VM.

Give it time to boot up and open a new browser window and fill in “http://YourIP:5000”

Gongrats !!!!

If you see this screen everything went ok and configure the machine like you would do on another xpenology machine.

if you have any questions just send email to RikkieBkk