Install Windows 11 with Proxmox VM

Getting the stuff

Microsoft released windows 11 it was clear that TPM 2.0 and secure boot is needed to work Proxmox VM made it happen to easy make a VM with TMP 2.0 and Secure Boot.

  1. Download Windows 11 ISO at microsoft software download
  2. Downlaod the Virtio-Win Driver ISO at Github
  3. Upload the 2 ISO files to proxmox iso Directory
    open Proxmox >>>> local(pve) this is your local ssd or Hd >>>> ISO Images >>>> Upload

Creating the VM

  1. Click Create VM in the topright of Proxmox name it Win11 >>>> Next
  2. ISO image choose win11 / Type: Microsoft Windows >>>> Next
  3. Select like below >>>> Next
  1. Select like below >>>> Next
  1. Select again like below cores depending on your hardware and type choose host >>>> Next
  1. Choose the memory yor windows will be using it depends on the memory of your machine if you have 16G you can use 8G >>>> Next
  2.  Network: Bridge: vmbr0 —- Model: VirtIO (paravirtualized) >>>> Next
  3. Here you see a summary of the hardware you selected check it again and UNCHECK the start after created >>>> Finish
  4. WHE are finiched with our Virual machine now some extra’s

The Extra’s

  1. Go to your newly created machine and select hardware add a cd/dvd drive and choose the Vitio-win iso see Below.
  1. Now in the menu to Option and click Boot Order see that it looks like below Drag and drop to reorder >>>> Ok

Yes we are ready to start our win11 installatiion

  1. Select console in te list and click Start Now
  2. Your Windows11 should start installing follow the steps like a normal Windows install and when fully finished open de Virtio-Win cd and use setup to install some drivers.

That it you just finiched to setup Windows 11 in a VM